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The picture above shows Finzo’s grand-grand-uncle, Stanislas Martin, during the award ceremony of the whiskers contest organized by the Friendly of Hunting Shacks Elders Decorators, in Creuse (a small deserted french area), in the year 1894. Unfortunately, his mustache was fake and Stanislas was shot at dawn. Probably to avenge his forefather, Finzo became author and illustrator.
He first furbished his weapons by executing a lot of press cartoons and some books for children in Paris in the 90s. Until 2000, then he went at the nascent multimedia fiercely, by making edutaining CD-Roms - as they said in those days. In 1998 was the big move toward the east front, to form the shock troops of young illustrators, in Strasbourg. Since 2003, he changed his side to music and created several musical shows as a song-writer and performer, as well as drawing-concerts with his students. Recently, Finzo took over the illustrated book with the children album Au fait.

Un petit grain de rien du tout – éd. Nathan, 1990
Mes monstres à moi – éd. Flammarion, 1995
Fleurs de vaches – éd. Flammarion, 1997
Mascots creation for Toboclic — éd. Milan, 2000
Cartoons for press and school books since 1990

Texts and illustrations
J’aime trop les chapeaux – éd. Flammarion, 1996
Les fleurs d’écume – éd. Belin, 2002
Le montreur d’ombres – éd. Belin, 2003
Au fait – éd. L'atelier du poisson soluble, 2014

Stan et la baguette magique – éd. Club Pom, 1994
Les vacances de Camisole – éd. Scène Interactive, 1997

Ali-Baba et les quarante voleurs – éd. Opéra du Rhin, 2011
Le chat botté – éd. Opéra du Rhin, 2012
Blanche Neige – éd. Opéra du Rhin, 2013

Si tu t'imagines … Direct drawing, video animations, singing – Cie Manivelle, 2003
Loin de mon doudou – Interactives animations – Cie Sémaphore, 2005
Tranches de zoo – Children’s song – Song writer and performer – Cie Le canon à patates, 2007
Balivernes – Children’s song – Song writer and performer – Cie Le canon à patates, 2010

Drawings concerts
Dérangement – With the HEAR students, 2011
L'ébouriffé – With the HEAR students, 2012
Malentendu – 2014
Métamorphine – Drawings opera
Conception of scenario and text
With the HEAR students
Cie Europe Spectacle, creation may 2014
Tous en cœur – 2018

Illustration teacher in the Ecole supérieure des arts décoratifs de Strasbourg – HEAR, since 1998